• Cindyluea8128

    Some of you might already noticed, it seems that RRF anime season 4 is not likely to be released.

    If true, RRF anime series will mark the shortest of the Sanrio anime line (MyMelo [4 seasons]→Jewelpet [7 seasons]→RiluRilu [3 seasons]; not counting SB69 and others). This line might even end with RiluRilu too as there's no any news about new character releasing.

    I expected this series to be at least as long as MyMelo, but seeing that S3 becoming even more truly-aim-for-kids and seemingly low budget, I understand the feeling of the near of the end.

    3 years of anime, I gradually grew love on the franchise because of cute characters and great stories. The love stories between human and Fairilus are really fascinating and impressive. If it's really…

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  • SailorMoonDisneyGirl626

    Does anyone know where I can find a birthday episode or an episode related to that, birthday parties, cakes or anything like that in the series?

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  • Cindyluea8128

    The 3rd Season

    May 31, 2018 by Cindyluea8128

    (Lazy me become lazy to write this...but still I have to. So many special points this has brought out...)

    So it's been days since the news was out.

    From the poster you can see the usual main Fairilus has changed their outfits. This is a sign that they're gonna make this into a parallel universe to the last two seasons. While I had expected this since JP always do that, I'm still a bit not adapted to that because S2, The Magic Mirror, was a sequel story. That season gave me kinda a deep impression (all the difficulties a pair of loving human and Fairilu have to face...).

    Anyway, I still am looking forward to the start of this anime. Oh and this got quite a lot of first-times. Like the point I've stated above, this is the first season in the serie…

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  • PrettySmile


    April 14, 2017 by PrettySmile

    Konichiwa my name is PrettySmile! I have started watching this anime and Im loving it so far! It's so kawaii! I wanted to check this wiki out too! It still need improvements but I love it the same as the anime! I will work hard and do my best! I hope I get to meet some friends within this community too! Sorry for my long blog! ~Always Smiling -PrettySmile♡

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