St. Fairilu School

Saint Fairilu School in the anime.


Magical Fairilu School in the anime.

Fairilu School (フェアリルスクール Feariru Sukūru?) is a prestigious school for Fairilus. It is where young Fairilus go to study aboard to learn the fundamentals of Fairilu culture to gain the knowledge to become accomplished Fairilus. The school is located in Little Fairilu and the headmaster of this school is Fairilu Marje, later added with Mr. Mimic.

At first, the school was called Saint Fairilu School (セイントフェアリルスクール?). In the second season, the school has been transformed into Magical Fairilu School (マジカルフェアリルスクール?).


Saint Fairilu School

The school is fairly large, designed with four stretches of main hallways linked together to form a hollow square. In the middle is the school's courtyard, for general activities. There are numerous amount of classrooms established to accommodate students and of various subjects. There are also main facilities for general use such as a public library and the cafeteria.

At Saint Fairilu School, Fairilus can learn the basics of Fairilu Magic of all subjects. At the most they can learn enhancements, blessings, and creation which are all mostly based on the fundamentals of magic. They can also learn cultural arts to study lore and culture of the world of Fairilu. Fairilus can also learn physical education to learn the basics of Fairilu movement as fairies. In addition, general subjects are available to learn such as Cooking, Science, and History.

Magical Farilu School

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Saint Fairilu School

Magical Farilu School