Little Fairilu Page

Little Fairilu land on the Picturebook of Fairilu.

Little Fairilu (リトルフェアリル Ritoru Feariru?) is a land where all of the Fairilus live in. It is a parallel world between the Fairilu and the Human world.


Little Fairilu is a land surrounded by an ocean and the beach. It is covered with greenery, ranging from grass, trees, and plants, along with several locations and buildings. Little Fairilu also has caves, mountains, forests, lakes, and ponds. In the center is a large tree with flowers covering it.

Flow of Time

Little Fairilu and the Human World's flow of time is different. When a couple of hours had passed in Little Fairilu, a couple of days had passed in the Human world. In other words, time flows slower in Little Fairilu than in the Human World.

In Tell Me, Magical Pendulum, however, the flow of time in both worlds is the same.


First series (Season 1 and Season 2)

Second Series (Tell Me, Magical Pendulum)

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