"Powa-Powa Dogs: A Legend Fairilu. Made out of Legend Fairilu clouds and love marshmallows. They eat them quite happily. Important creatures who soothe Fairilus' hearts, and are often kept as pets by Fairilus."

Picturebook of Fairilu description.

Powawa and Powalisa

Powawa and Powalisa.

Powa-Powa Dogs (ポワポワ犬 Powa-Powa Ken?) are puppy-like Fairilu who belong to the Legend Fairilu species.


Powa-Powa Dogs are Fairilus made out of a special kind of clouds which gives them fluffy-like appearances. Body colors vary ranging from white, pink, or green. They love eating marshmallows. Many Fairilus often keep them as pets as means of soothing their lonely hearts. When they sleep, Powa dogs curl up their bodies into a fluffy ball, leaving only their heads visible.

Known Dogs