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Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Kirakira ☆ Hajimete no Fairilu Magic♪ (リルリルフェアリル キラキラ☆はじめてのフェアリルマジック♪ Riru Riru Feariru kirakira ☆ Hajimete no Feariru Majikku♪?) is a Nintendo 3DS video game based on the Rilu Rilu Fairilu franchise by Sanrio and Sega Toys. It is developed and published by FuRyu. The game was released on November 10, 2016. [1]

The game is set in the Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door anime universe, featuring notable Fairilu characters. Players can create their own Fairilu and explore the world of Little Fairilu.


The game features customization where the player can create and customize their own Fairilu character with features, clothes, and the player can also customize their house. The game also features several minigames to play. Players can also earn currency and use them to buy more customization options for their Fairilu character and their house.

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  • The game's title litterally means "Sparkling ☆ First Fairilu Magic♪" in English.
  • This is the first Rilu Rilu Fairilu video game released overall.


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