Rilu Rilu Fairilu Magic Mirror

Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Magic Mirror (リルリルフェアリル ~魔法の鏡~ Riru Riru Feariru ~Mahō no Kagami~?) is the 2nd anime series in the Rilu Rilu Fairilu franchise and is a sequel to Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door. The series is animated by Studio DEEN. It is directed by Sakura Gojo and Nana Imanaka and written by Akemi Omode.[1]

The series aired from April 7, 2017 to March 30, 2018 on TV TOKYO on Fridays at 5:55 PM.[2]

A new series premiered on July 7, 2018, under the title of Tell Me, Magical Pendulum ~Rilu Rilu Fairilu~.[3]


Rin is a gentian Flower Fairilu who was born from a Fairilu Seed by Karen Hanamura, Nozomu's younger sister. She is also the owner of a magical item called the Magic Mirror, a magical Fairilu mirror that allows her to talk to Fairilus, and even transform into one herself.

In Little Fairilu, Saint Fairilu School has been changed into Magical Fairilu School. Just like their old school, it is where Fairilus go study to become great Fairilus and even live together in dormitories. New things like "Pharmacy Magic" and "Magic-Sciences" and new teachers, and even mysterious secrets and stuff go around the new school.

It's still not easy for a Fairilu to live in the Human World, and there are even other troubles going around... In any case, Rin will make new friends and buddies as the Fairilus chase dreams altogether![4]



New Fairilus

Flower Fairilus

Bug Fairilus

Weather Fairilu

Fruits Fairilus

Legend Farilus



List of Episodes

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International Broadcast

It had its first broadcast outside of Japan in South Korea on Disney Channel on May 26, 2018, almost two months after the series ended in its home country.


  • This is the first Rilu Rilu Fairilu anime aired in the evening instead of morning in Japan.
    • This is also the first time in 12 years since its Sanrio anime predecessors, Onegai My Melody and Jewelpet anime series, aired.



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